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So what’s with the bus? A short interview with Matt.

We’ve been looking for a long time at a way to travel more easily, both for business and pleasure. We try to spend as much time as possible traveling and generally being outside. Especially after an epic summer of travels this year living out of a small SUV, we know that life on the road is fulfilling but challenging, and a little more space would be needed to realize our dreams. RVs are big and expensive, and the fancy high-roof vans are such a new item on the market that there wasn’t anything in our price range that would have any longevity. We came upon our bus, very lightly used at a reasonable price, a mechanically sound blank slate that will allow us to build our rolling home exactly as we want it and last for many many years to come.

Why the paint-job?

Why not?

So you’re going to live in it?

Well, right now it’s really basic. Maybe somewhere down the line we will pull up roots and go full-time nomad, but for now it does well for a few days at a time, and right now that’s all we need. We have a comfy bed, and lights. We have many years of camping experience, and equipment to match, so it’s pretty simple to just make believe that we’re in a tent - it’s just a tent with wheels. But so nice to have a dry warm well lit place that we can just park and relax, and not have to set up and break down a camp.

What's Next?

In time, we plan to add all the comforts of home, starting with a full solar and electric systems, refrigeration and ventilation. Eventually a nice kitchen (we love to cook good food!) plumbing, heat by next winter, and many other little things to make it a complete tiny home.

You gonna put a TV in there, man?

Yeah, that’s what we’re going to do. Spend a lot of time and money to make a full road-ready traveling home, so that we can drive to remote and exotic locations all over in the world, and watch TV. Sure.

It’s not that big, what about all your stuff? Where are you going to put your stuff?

You can have my stuff. Our culture has trained us to acquire and consume, and ever bigger, ever more - but this has not increased our quality of life. If anything, it begins to distract people from what is truly important. We’ve found that in our daily lives there is really very little we need. Anyone who sincerely examines their life is likely to find the same. In our travels, we have invariable found that when we return home, we actually ask ‘why do we have all this stuff?’, and have gone thru a great purging of material ‘stuff’ to reduce to the true necessities. It’s very satisfying to have less, very liberating. You should try it too. Look around you right now, and find something that you can do without. Now get rid of it. Then do that again, a little bit everyday. We're still working on it, and have a long way to go, but the less 'stuff' we have the happier we are.

How can I help?

It's been an amazing journey already connecting with dreamers excited to be a part of our bus. Complete strangers (we like to think of a world family) have left us invites to art car festivals, quilted hearts, and happy notes. We have received donations of car seats, paints, fuzzy dice, and time in our renovations and paint job.

Please follow our facebook page You Do Yoga for posts on material requests, bus tales, and please message us with whatever ways you'd like to be involved!

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