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A funny thing happened on the way to my knee surgery!

My yoga journey began after I retired from teaching in 2012 and joined the You Do Yoga studio. My intention was to prepare my mind and body for knee replacement surgery, which the doctor advised me would be the inevitable outcome necessary to alleviate years of knee pain. Some of the pain was from arthritis, but most was due to a loss of cartilage which causes bones to collide with each other. Eventually, I lost the full range of motion I needed to work and live with gusto! Other limitations included an inability to kneel, squat, or sit in those tiny chairs every primary teacher is familiar with! Shopping, gardening, or walking the dog, all required an hour of applying ice, and sometimes wearing a knee brace for days afterwards. Even so, I was not in a hurry to “go under the knife.” I decided to buy some time by exercising and trying a yoga class or two.

I signed up for yoga classes at You Do Yoga in June 2012 and also attended a few Pilate’s classes. Then the “magic” happened! Within about 3 months I stopped doing Pilates and increased my yoga practice to 3 times a week. Within 6 months, my knee pain had decreased dramatically. I was able to kneel, squat, and SHOP! As of today, I have not needed cortisone shots, braces, or pain medications for 2 years. In addition, yoga has made me more aware of my body and to “listen” to what it needs. Yoga has made me stronger physically and mentally. The classes at You Do Yoga are designed to address the makeup of the participants. Matt and Erin and all of the instructors are awesome! They are all very knowledgeable and always willing to accommodate yogis with alternate poses when appropriate.

I always feel better after a practice! The atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and accepting. I consider YDY my home and everyone one there is family. I love the You Do Yoga community!

Christine Transier

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