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We share advanced yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and intensives with a focus on functional anatomy, yin yoga, slackline, and acro yoga. 

Slow down. Relax. Quiet the mind.

Practice and teach from the inside out. 


Yoga on a one inch piece of slack webbing. 


You don't stop playing because you grow older, you grow older because you stop playing. 


We began a grassroots studio with $100 and a big dream in a little space in downtown Cincinnati when the city was in the very seedlings of revitalization. We like to think that the good vibes of that small space helped revitalize Main Street, along with courageous small business owners, artists, and eventually many bars. You Do Yoga expanded to as many as 3 studio locations in 2 states, but ultimately we grew beyond the boundaries of 4 walls to accomplish our mission.


Today, we have trained and inspired hundreds of teachers to revolutionize the practice of teaching yoga. We are activists of the revolution in the modern American Yoga scene. The Functional Approach is in fact simply a return to Yoga’s introspective roots - an attention to what we feel, and the underlying intention of the practice.

Our mission is to live courageously, restore play, to share radical acceptance and an unlimited perspective with the world through the vehicle of taoist yoga and a functional approach. 

We share teacher trainings at studios and festivals around the globe. Our premier trainings give communities anatomical building blocks and a simple guide to serve every individual student. 

What do we mean by functional approach? These images show normal, natural examples of how our bones are different.  While this idea may seem quite simple, this means that just as our shoe sizes are different, our yoga poses cannot be one size fits all. While some yoga poses are good for some bodies, they are bad for others. We teach in a way that encourages the freedom of thinking outside the pose; of introspection. Just do you.


1. Yoga cultivates personal growth.

2. The pose is not the goal.

3. In stillness and silence there is great power. 

4. You can be a serious yogi in sweatpants, if you need to be serious at all. 

5. Yoga is not one size fits all, really... nothing is. 

6. Play is essential to human connection and happiness.

7. Introspection is the best route to not be an asshole. 

8. What you do effects your environment :: Your environment effects what you do

9. You can never stop Love

10. When we seek to uplift one another, true magic happens.

We have to thank each person that has shared in the You Do Yoga dream. Together we are a beacon to share unconditional acceptance, a space for growth and transformation, and a sanctuary from an often stressful world.

Things we believe in

Plastic Pollution Coalition

We're proud members of the Plastic Pollution Coalition working toward our shared vision: a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. We also believe in The Dude. 


Read More on the Plastic Pollution Coalition

Quiet Revolution

Do you identify as an introvert? ​Quiet Revolution aims to create a world where introverts are celebrated for their powerful contributions and, more importantly, for who they are. And where everyone’s quiet strength—no matter what their personality type—is validated. Great Resources

Tigers Forever

Did you know? Today, about 3,900 tigers are left in the wild, occupying a mere four percent of their former range.

Panthera’s Tigers Forever program is working at key sites across Asia to increase tiger numbers by at least 50% over a ten-year period. Read More

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