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We are a family of Yogis that form an eclectic tribe of dreamers, do-ers, healers, slackliners, and acrobats, of all shapes and sizes and ages. 

We began our grassroots studio with $100 and a big dream, in a little space in OTR before OTR was cool. Our founder, Matt Eshleman, found in yoga more potential for healing and helping than his almost-PhD. in neuropsychology, and chose to spend his time sharing the practice of yoga. Matt describes yoga as "The ideal system for transformation, whether physical, emotional, or mental; to create the reality and experience that you desire.” 

Our mission is to live courageously, to share radical acceptance, and an unlimited perspective with the world through the vehicle of taoist yoga and a functional approach. You Do Yoga expanded to as many as 3 studio locations in 2 states, but ultimately we grew beyond the boundaries of 4 walls to accomplish our mission. 

Today we share teacher trainings and continuing education workshops at studios and festivals around the globe. Our premier trainings give communities anatomical building blocks to serve every individual student. Check out our travel page too see what we're up to.

figure 3. These images show normal, natural examples of how our bones are different.  While this idea may seem quite simple, this means that just as our shoe sizes are different, our yoga poses cannot be one size fits all. While some yoga poses are good for some bodies, they are bad for others. We teach in a way that encourages the freedom of thinking outside the pose; of introspection. Just do you.

Check out our Concept Site & get inspired!                           


1. Yoga makes you a better version of yourself

2. “I’m not flexible” is not an excuse to not try yoga. Yoga actually helps with that. 

3. In stillness and silence there is great power. 

4. You can be a serious yogi in sweatpants, if you need to be serious at all. 

5. Yoga is not one size fits all  See figure 3 above

6. You can never stop Love

7. When we seek to uplift one another, true magic happens

We have to thank each person that has shared in the You Do Yoga dream. Together we are a beacon to share unconditional acceptance, a place for growth and transformation, and a sanctuary from an often stressful world.

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