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August 8-12 2019

Retreat to a small town feel, get away, and get inspired! Daily Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation practices, and healthy meals restore your energy for in-depth study with a sense of humor. Enjoy evidence-based lecture sessions and hands-on training of Yin Yoga, a practice gaining momentum around the country. Located at the Historic Betsey Mills Club, walking distance from hotels, a riverside park and walking path, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

Explore the underlying theory of the Yin practice, and gain practical tools and confidence in leading Yin Yoga classes. Learn all about fascia, its unique properties, and how to safely target and train it. Understand the larger concept of exercise and how to bring awareness to different tissues in our practice. Examine variations of the major poses of a Yin practice to safely guide students with confidence.

Our Location:

Welcome to Marietta, Ohio: a historic, charming town on the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers, rich in both history and natural beauty. National Geographic lists Marietta as one of the best “adventure towns” in the country; The New York Times says it’s “where the West began;” and the Smithsonian says Marietta is one of the best small towns to visit in America. Perhaps we’re partial, but we happen to agree.

Certification: Upon completion you will be eligible to register 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance (YA)

Topics Include: 

  • Interactive hands-on study of anatomy: Finding skeletal landmarks and testing range of motion

  • Understanding and discriminating sensation: Tension or 

  • Compression, Muscle or Fascia

  • Functional Alignment: Exploring the 7 Archetypal Poses of Yin Yoga and their Variations

  • Guiding Principles of Sequencing & The Art of Teaching 

  • Communication: Creating a Dialogue with Students to Safely Guide each Individual Practice

3 Healthy Meals Onsite Daily will be included. Each meal is lovingly crafted with reiki and intention by Health Savor to be the most bioavailable, tasty, and nutritious for the body and mind. Morning coffee and breakfast is from Marietta's very best; Jeremiah's Coffee House. Vegetarian options will be included. Please message us if you would like vegan or gluten free options, or have other dietary needs!

Training Enrollment: $1050

Pricing includes 30hr Teacher Training Certificate

and 3 healthy meals onsite daily by Health Savor 

Questions? email or message us! 



7:00am - Coffee/Tea

8:30am - Meditation 

9:00am - Breakfast

9:45am - Lecture Session  

11:00am - Practice (Yoga or QiGong)  

Noon -  Lunch & Break

2:30pm - Lecture Session

6:00pm - Practice (Yin Yoga or QiGong) 

7:00pm - Dinner


Playtime is essential for us humans! Our group will enjoy activities to grow together, enjoy Marietta, and give our brains a rest from epic study. 


Activities Include:

  • ​Rooftop Yoga overlooking the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers

  • hiking

  • slackline & acro yoga at the park

  • time to explore Marietta's shops  



To best accommodate a range of yogi lifestyles, lodging is not included in the Teacher Training Retreat Registration Cost.

Stay tuned on our facebook page for nearby AirBnB, Hotel, & Camping suggestions!


Matt Eshleman and Erin Winters believe learning should be fun and useful. Expect practical study and genuine jokes in an interactive and relaxed learning environment. Matt and Erin are directors of teacher training, the brains, and heart behind You Do Yoga in Cincinnati. They enjoy sharing a spectrum of taoist yoga from the balancing practice of yin yoga to the playful yang practices of acro yoga and slackline. As students of Paul Grilley and YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández-Cruz; they share a combined 30+ years of experience teaching in the field of yoga.

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