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5 Reasons Why Our Teacher Training is Top-Notch

Top-Notch Teacher Training

"I seriously cannot recommend this program enough. Every teacher that I've met that has come through this program is light years ahead of where I was as a newly certified teacher almost 15 yrs ago. Took me years of self driven study to discover the freedom and depth of understanding both in philosophy and in anatomy that these teachers walk away with at the get-go...”

— Nikki Capobianco, Cinci

What makes our training top-notch? 1. Whether you enroll in the 200Hr or 300Hr Program, this is an advanced yoga training. Our teachers are prepared to teach real people, each with a different set of bones and purpose in their practice. 2. We are the anatomy nerds. While Yoga Alliance requires 20 hours of Anatomy and Physiology for 200 hour Teachers, our Teacher Trainees study 60+ hours. Because it matters. Yoga starts with the physical. 3. We are the Yin Yoga experts. Our training places great emphasis on Yin Yoga because we believe the therapeutic practice and relaxed attitude is true medicine for our busy, stimulating culture. Matt Eshleman, director of Teacher Training, and Erin Winters have studied directly with Paul and Suzee Grilley. 4. The way we approach the learning process is quite different from the typical Western Model of learning. We study heroically, but we also like to create a relaxed and fun learning environment, which naturally cultivates connection within our community. 5. We come from a Taoist background. The why behind Taoist Yoga is quite similar to Indian Yoga, but our practices, meditations, and language stems from a Chinese tradition. There is some overlap in postures, but movements and sequences can be quite different.

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