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Why I Write Down My Dreams

When I first began to feel the call to do a yoga teacher training course I felt I had so many things stacked against me. I live in a rural area where yoga classes are limited. I homeschool my four young children and have little time to devote to myself without making special plans. And on top of this I had never done yoga even once.

I had checked out a book on yoga from the library on a whim, and as I studied the illustrations of the poses I felt a strong message from my higher self that I should not only be doing do poses myself, but that I should go all the way and actually become a yoga teacher. I laughed it off at first, but the urging was persistent. I usually listen to nudges from above if they are loud enough, so I wrote my intention on a tiny piece of paper in placed it under a crystal.

As I slowly began to practice yoga, I also began to search for the internet for teacher training in nearby cities. Cincinnati is an hour from where I live in Indiana, and as I studied the options I soon narrowed it down to You Do Yoga. The weekend class schedule meant childcare wouldn't be a problem for me. I also loved the two-day blocks of classes. This would allow our family to continue the weekend road trips we frequently go off on. But most importantly, I felt welcome at the studio. I started to believe that this dream might actually come true, I had called and discussed my situation. Matt made it clear that he was open and able to teach yoga to whoever was ready to learn.

This September I completed this mission I made for myself. Each weekend I came to class ready to learn and grow. Like most new experiences, this one taught me more than I expected and expanded my understanding of myself in ways I hadn't anticipated. There were days I overwhelmed with the challenge of grasping new concepts along with stretching myself physically. Each class, no matter how I was handling the new information or struggling to keep up with the poses, I always felt supported and believed in. This type of growth in this type of environment is exactly what was looking for.

As I was rearranging my crystals last week I found that tiny piece of paper again. I had forgotten about it. I smiled to myself. Achieving dreams is fulfilling; it sparks inspiration inside you to continue to dream up new visions. I said a little thank-you and wrote a new dream and another little piece of paper.


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