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Travel Hacks for Yogis

Photo By: Andy Woolard

Epic Photo by: Andy Woolard

Think traveling is too expensive for your yogi budget? We do too. The cost of campsites, eating on the road, and the gear it takes can add up quickly! That’s why we’ve compiled these wandering hacks for adventure time.

Note: As yogis, we enjoy simplicity and the satisfaction of a DIY level of direct involvement. These hacks include rolling up your sleeves!

1. Skip coffee. Did you heart skip a beat reading that? Just kidding! There’s no skipping the sweet nectar of life, but buying Starbucks by the cup is cost prohibitive to your adventure budget. Instead, opt for a french press, ground coffee, and make your own anywhere. *see gear hacks below

2. Cook, dammit! You might even like it. The number one money drop traveling or not is eating out. Imagine how much travel money can appear by skipping even a week of eating out. Some planning ahead can make all the difference. Travel with some simple spices, quick and dirty meals, and treat yoself! Here’s some of our wander staples:

Spices +

tapatio hot sauce

sea salt

malabar indian black pepper

balsamic vinegar

olive oil




Quick and Dirty

Breakfast: Coffee (duh!) pre-made overnight oatmeal, or yogurt

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches/ dinner leftovers/ granola bars/ carrots

Dinner: Pasta & Jar Pasta Sauce doctored up with extra garlic, balsamic, and wine if ya got it